Let’s Start the Conversation: What’s Your Next Community Initiative

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Recently, I had a ‘spirited conversation without the alcohol’ with a good friend of mine, about his volunteer work, and he noted how it takes as much time as his professional endeavour.  Interestingly, we laughed about it and shared insights on the different needs in our communities, and thinking of how an initiative within our community can meet a need, make a difference in the lives of others; and transform our communities into ‘shared places’ of agape love.

The thought came, that I should continue the conversation through this medium, focusing on how we can make a difference in our communities through volunteering, and how innovative thinking and ideas can transform the way we live and interact with the people around us.

Have you been thinking about something you wanted to do to make a difference in your community?  Or how about a community organization you want to volunteer with? Getting the task started, big or small, is simple as just getting it done. Often we do not know how to start, and even when we do, we already have all the knowledge and capability we need to see it through. However, the questions to connect the dots are: have you articulated your initiative on paper? Have you gathered your small group of volunteers to get the task from ideation (initiative) to action? Have you tapped into your network to garner support for your initiative?

Having reflected on the above, you are already there, the key thrust is to strike a balance with what your interests are and what the needs of the community are. Think about how to canvass support from individuals who are ethically enthused and are interested in helping you make a difference.  Furthermore, tap into your network and explore which organizations or institutions you can partner or collaborate with to get your initiative off the ground.

The objectives you want to accomplish within the community ought to be viewed as a partnership of people, process and organization. This will be realized by tapping into resources that can be made available to help meet the business goals, community needs and volunteer satisfaction.

The biggest decision that you need to make, is what level of commitment and involvement you are willing to make; and allow others to have in your community initiative.  There need to be a two-way conversation, a consultation with partners and collaborators to create the blueprint for the community initiative, network and partnership; and articulate what the objectives of the initiative are and make them tactical, so they can be actionable and achievable.

Realistically, the world needs more people who are willing to make a difference, one individual at a time.  Don’t let the fear of failure or negating voices get in your way, before you even start.  The thoughts you have for your community initiative, is an opportunity to make that change that your community and the world needs.

The conversation that we have started, reminds us that when we volunteer be it through your community initiative, your organizations or in your own giving, we are simply effecting the promise of a better tomorrow.  I’m reminded by my own invaluable volunteering experience, that ‘service is the rent we pay for living’.

Let us become excited about our next community initiative, and the many people who will share their time and energies, working with commitment not just for the sake of giving, but they find it ethically refreshing. With your community initiative, collaboration and partnership can aid in bringing smiles to faces that once expressed hopelessness, turning them into beacons of hope and inspiration, creating better communities and a gentler world.

I am reminded of Mother Theresa’s outreach and volunteer work, and  feel that that initiatives we are doing to make a difference in our communities is like a drop in the ocean. However, the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.  Let’s continue the conversation – Are you willing to be that drop today?

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