Life is the Moment!

Life is the Moment!

This is your life, this is your moment.
You have the gift of life, the power of this moment to transform your ideas into actions and your dreams into reality. You have this life to make a difference to self and to be of service to others.

This is your life, this is your moment to unfold your purpose, uncover your passion and share the power of your story. Take time to enjoy the beauty around you. Feel the gentle caress of the breeze, experience the manifestations of nature’s beauty. Through the hues of its colours from the land, sky, lakes, rivers and the seas.

Life is the moment, be it fleeting or memorable. Don’t be distracted from its beauty with the construct of the hustle and the bustle. Life is the moment with its lilting charms of gifts and blessings.

It is in the celebration of the moments that you become aware of self and understand whom you are destined to be. Take time to listen to the amazing beat of your heart, the rhythm of your breathing and the pulse of your life’s flow.

Life is the moment, celebrate the unique and precious time it affords. This is your moment to celebrate where you are, appreciate life and manifest who you are destined to be.

Life is the moment, its your moment to be your best self. Keep living, keep striving and keep shining. Life is the moment, you are a beacon of hope, love and letting go. Life is the moment, celebrate the now and how blessed you are to be…

©Hugh Anthony


Hugh Anthony is a storyteller, lifestyle coach and keynote speaker who is also a client-focused executive and creative savant with excellent communication skills. He brings progressive engagements in leading, managing, facilitating, curating strategies and initiatives that embolden outcomes and enhance operational efficiencies. Hugh Anthony is the Cofounder and Associate Consulting Director, Lifestyle and Strategy of ConsulateMilieu®, a boutique lifestyle firm in Toronto, Canada that specializes in creative, avid and exciting art-based and lifestyle projects for its diverse clientele. Hugh helps individuals uncover their passion, unfold their purpose and share the power of their story. This he does through a process of co-creation that melds recreational, creative and professional endeavours to optimize and enrich lifestyle outcomes.

For career, press inquiries, speaking and advisory opportunities contact Hugh Anthony at him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @huanthoni


Three Lifehacks to Deliver Your Best Public Speaking Performance

I have heard that a powerful critical skill to have is public speaking. However, when the word public speaking emerges or the thought of it, the description befits the greatest fear next to death. Interestingly, it conjures anxiety, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms and visible signs of nervousness that may get the better of you.

There are simple techniques and strategies that can help you overcome the fear and deliver your best performance. Did I just use the word performance?…ahh, yes I did. A gentle reminder, life is a performance and public speaking is its muse. You do speak daily to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Public speaking is the art of communicating a speech to a live audience through performance. The following lifehacks are key to making your public speaking act memorable.

Your Purpose as Your Performance

The art of mastering your performance is to know your purpose – why you are speaking. Preparation is key, however, your purpose matters even more. Before you start preparing, you need to know what is your purpose for speaking. Get an understanding of the audience you will be speaking to, and are you speaking to inspire, inform, educate, entertain or to persuade them? Learn about the listeners that you will be speaking and interacting with. Are they millenials or C-Suite executives to be inspired and informed respectively? Well, once you know your purpose then you begin your performance preparation. Knowing your purpose and audience makes your preparation for your presentation better.

Your speech is prepared – the topic, overview, specific purpose, central idea and your main points. Your speech is ready and you are now able to deliver your purpose as a compelling performance.

Embrace the Butterflies

You are prepared to make your presentation, only when and only when you embrace your nervousness as a benchmark. I believe little ‘butterflies in the stomach‘ are an indication you are alive, you will do well. Here is an 80/20 rule that helps: 80% of your nervousness is not visible to your audience, only 20% is visible i.e. your voice trembles, shaking hands and sweaty palms. To counter the 20%, speak with a projected voice and intermittently take deep breaths, let the lectern or podium be your support, by resting your arm on either side gently, do not grip! Or use controlled gesticulation with your hands. Now that your breathing is controlled sweaty palms are not visible and your hands are okay, you are one step closer to making a stellar performance.

Engage with Stories and Your Personality

Sharing your stories and anecdotes in your presentation helps to connect with your audience and your performance. Storytelling makes your presentation more personal and authentic (Related article Engaging your audience is essential to your public speaking performance. They are there to listen to you, not the powerpoint and the gadgets, its the reciprocal relationship with your audience, that matters. Let your personality, your smile and your presence shine through. They are aspects of your performance, and when they shine through it builds credibility with your audience and trust.

Performance in public speaking is not about ‘practice makes perfect’, it is about learning brings lifelong benefits. Your capacity to be better with every public speaking performance enhance your abilities to master your fear.

©Hugh Anthony

Unpacking Your Gift


One of the most poignant, yet powerful quotes that resonate with me and why I do what I do for self and others –


                    “Everyone is gifted – but some people never open their package”  

        Wolfgang Riebe

I have journeyed many paths to uncover who I am and understand self, my purpose and the gifts I continue to share with the world. I’ve had a myriad of experiences of learning and unlearning, of becoming and unbecoming; and mirroring so many personalities and possibilities. Life’s journey and the pathways I have trod are confluences of the best of what life offers and complexities in the beauty of our humanity. This journey called life is a mosaic that has the capacity to help us unfold our best self, shape us into intentional human beings, blessing our actions to uncover our gifts. Do whatever it takes to be of service to self and others whether it is reading books, listening to the beat of your heart, responding to soul’s call, spirituality, friendships, shouting out loud, investing in yourself, laughing, crying or sharing. Start by doing what matters, it is through perseverance and courage that you allow yourself to get to that place where only you and your Creator understand. Open your mind to experience the amazing wonder you are and unfold your gifts.


There is nothing like the perfect time, however, my lived experiences have taught me that nothing is perfect, interestingly though, the universe’s timing is always perfect. Whatever the mess is that you are experiencing right now, there is a message, whatever the test you are going through right now, there is a testimony. Whatever the struggles you are experiencing, you will find your strength. Whatever the pain you’re feeling, you will find your purpose and the power of your story. It is in those moments life has taught me that my gifts are unfolding. Stay focused, stay grateful and just believe things are working for the best. Believe it, claim it and experience the joys of your gifts, that is where you will find purpose and meaning in living.

Hugh Anthony

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Dear Destiny: I’m Ready Now…

Dear Destiny… …I’m ready now for the blessings that have been manifested, the pathways that have  been cleared to walk in my power, the renewal of mind, body, spirit and soul to experience the shared beauty of the here and now. I am ready now to bring new energy to the promises of a better today and the amazing tomorrows that lie ahead.

…I’m ready now to make manifest my desires to live my best life, be the best and give my best to others. It is with intentionality, dedication, determination and a whole lot of pizzaz that my actions will make manifest my goals that you hold for me. I am ready now to accomplish my wildest and most powerful dreams with belief, faith, hope, love and positive vibrations.

…I’m ready now to walk in the manifestation of His will and live a purposeful and passion filled life by focusing on what matters. It is with courage, boldness and gratitude that I embrace the challenges, the learnings and the lessons that they bring.  I am ready now for transformational moments, curated experiences and meaningful encounters that manifest my innate wealth of health,  well-being and abundance.

…I’m ready now to stand in the truth of who I am, ready for stretching growth that manifests my best self and staying connected to God my energy source of eternal goodness.

… I’m ready now to express the beauty that emerges from living in gratitude, actions that are aligned with my unfolding purpose and uncovered passion. I’m ready now to share in your glory through the power of my story from the myriad of encounters, experiences and empowering moments I’m about to discover.

…I’m ready now to experience the sweetness of success, the significance of sowing joy, happiness, kindness and the beauty of selfless and unselfish living. I’m ready now to thrive, jive and vibe with my heart open for life’s best ride! …I’m ready to now make the most of the gift of life….to have meaningful adventures, fearless living, catalysmic encounters and humorous yet humbling impact along the journey.

… I’m ready now to make what’s possible, real and authentic with a heart of gratitude!

©Hugh Anthony

Comment if you BELIEVE you are ready now!

Staying Focused! T’is the Holiday Season

It is the time year when the excitement, the parties, chaos and the joy the holidays bring. Do you love to celebrate the holidays in a special way? Have you started thinking about how you can manage the demands on your time, your energy, stay focused and ethusiastic at the sametime during the holidays.

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Planning – Your time is essential to your staying focused and enthusiastic for the tasks, social events and wellbeing. Allocate your time to what matters to ensure balance e.g. gift wrapping and last minute shopping. For some. individuals, the holiday have its stressors too, where possible plan for a few days off. 

Managing Your Energy – With the holidays, come expectations, whether its deadlines or deliverables. Maintain your focus by doing your exercise and/or meditation; minimize distractions and interruptions, you can’t always avoid them and make an effort to be positive and consciously smile more, its the holidays!

Multitasking – It’s the killer of your productivity, by trying to be all things to all people, you’re not an octopuss, you are human. For work to be meaningful and the holidays joyful, focus on the tasks that matters, prioritize and communicate your expectations to those you collaborate with. Is your workspace where the. party is, minimize the ‘madness’ by taking it to the board or lunch room. Avoid taking work home, so you can have time for self and those who matter while catching up on what you need to do for you. 

© Hugh Anthony

​Joy in the Here and Now.

Today is your moment to experience joy.

The kind of joy that is reignited from your heart and soul.

Joy with its lilting charm allows you to shout and share  the beauty that comes from focused and spiritual living.

This moment of joy, transcends all other because there is victory over the defeat.

You are inspired because instead of seeing failure, you learnt a lesson.

Instead of basking in pain, you felt the presence of life.

Joy is here in the now, joy lives in the present. 

Joy surrounds you, learn to feel its sweet embrace.

Joy is present, today in this beautiful moment of life.

You have abundance of joy that emerges from being grateful. 

Joy is ever present, knowing the adoration of the Divine lives in you.

Joy is in your truth, it is in the belief of self.

Joy is embracing and knowing how blessed you are to be.

It is not in your circumstances, it is in your rejoicing.

You experience joy from life’s simple pleasures that ignites your passion.

Joy gives fuel to your purpose. 

Joy is your spiritual quality that emerges from the magnificence of life and living.

Joy holds you together, when you are at peace with self.

Your joy doesn’t come from someone or something, it comes from within.

Find you, find your joy. Let it be the inner compass, let it guide your peace.

Joy is you in the here and now.

Live it, experience it and feel it and you will discover who you are.

Let joy fortify your journey, be it a smile, laughter, a song or a 💃 dance.

Joy is yours in the here and now. 
©Hugh Anthony

Life’s Best Project Awaits….

Today you have an opportunity to take a moment to begin to cultivate a mindset of living your best life. By beginning or continue yowork on the greatest project of your life – Yourself!
Yes, it is you I am talking to. Ahh..don’t be so surprised. You have been feeling like a bank without deposit lately. You have given away so much of yourself to others who do not know how to reciprocate. Yes, you are feeling empty,  not knowing what to do, where to turn! You need to be replenished, rejuvenated refueled and be refreshed with life’s energy – love!
Yes, you self-love! 

Stop and think for a moment!

Did you know that you are the best and most important project you have to work on.

Your life abounds with a myriad of possibilities. 

However, think for a moment! 

Have you taken the time to reflect on where you are. Where you want to go. 

What you need to do and how you are going to get there.
Start making  manifest your best self.

Take the time to focus on self and what matters. Start investing in you by taking time to dream again, celebrate you, give yourself the best things life has to offer.

You do not need to wait for anyone’s approval nor validation. Why wait!
You are endowed with the gifts to live your best life. Start by slowing down, listen to your breathing and appreciate your awesomeness in every moment.

Start taking care of you, give ❤ to yourself and start investing in your life’s best and most important project – You!
Let me know how I can help!
©Hugh Anthony