Odes to the Gratitude of Friendships

I stand on the cusp of greatness, living in a state of perpetual gratitude. I have stood on the shoulders of giants, learnt the wisdom of the sages and imbued with the grace of angels. I have traveled thousands of miles and experienced the beauty of our being and my purpose in living. Thankful for the joy of knowing you and being strengthened by the power of love.

I embrace life and living through the gifts of joy, love, peace and happiness that I have experienced. I am strengthened by the friendship experienced, the energies shared and the enduring love that holds us together. It is in the power and beauty of the smiles shared, the moments that take my breath away and the strength of who and what matters that anchors me.

I am so blessed to be me and share the blessings with you who lift me higher. I am enriched with tides of gifts, talents, virtues, values and goodwill that flows through my encounters with each and everyone of you. The lilting joy, the sounds of laughter and the power of your smiles have made room for me to be imbued with the beauty of you.
I am forever grateful for the friends that are family and the family who are endearing friends. Your belief in me, your encouragement and unconditional love have fueled me to be my best, live my best life and offer the world the best of me. Thank you for your trust, honesty and truth, that I have and can always depend on. You have helped me to appreciate the true meaning of life and living.


Friendship Hugs
As I write the next chapter of my life, I remain life’s student and the authenticity that permeates my being I share with you. As we transcend the limitations and live what is possible. Know that you and I are transcendental possibilities of hope, joy, peace, patience, passion, purpose and most of all love. Thank you for being a voice of reason, a bastion of virtue and a cascading mosaic of shared beauty.



I am emboldened through all that I have learnt and I do appreciate you. I know that it is not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that counts. As we continue to build our community of love, thank you for the happiness shared and the kindness experienced. I am forever grateful. 💕


©Hugh Anthony



Hugh Anthony is a storyteller, lifestyle coach and keynote speaker who is also a client-focused executive and creative savant with excellent communication skills. He brings progressive engagements in leading, managing, facilitating, curating strategies and initiatives that embolden outcomes and enhance operational efficiencies. Hugh Anthony is the Cofounder and Associate Consulting Director, Lifestyle and Strategy of ConsulateMilieu®, a boutique lifestyle firm in Toronto, Canada that specializes in creative, avid and exciting art-based and lifestyle projects for its diverse clientele. Hugh helps individuals uncover their passion, unfold their purpose and share the power of their story. This he does through a process of co-creation that melds recreational, creative and professional endeavours to optimize and enrich lifestyle outcomes.

For career, press inquiries, speaking and advisory opportunities contact Hugh Anthony at consulatemilieu@gmail.com. Follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @huanthoni


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