Standing in the Truth of Who You Are!

We are born to love, yet society conditions us to hate.
We are born as a unified whole, yet we allow things to tear us apart.
Our diversity creates the mosaic of our humanity, yet society use our differences to destroy its beauty.


Our faith is what holds us together, yet we allow religion to divide us.
We are born with eternal beauty, yet society uses physicality to define us as ugly.
We are designed to do amazing and abundant things. Yet we put limits on self and live in lack.


We are wired with hope, yet we live in despair.
We are born to be courageous, yet we are conditioned to live in fear.
Our soul is a wellspring of joy, yet we search to find happiness.
We are born to love and strengthen each other, yet we use hate and fear to destroy each other. We are born to live with curiosity, yet we allow others to erase our fuel for discovery.  We are born to share smiles and experience the joys of laughter, yet we feign affection and frown on cordiality.


We are driven by the power of our dreams, yet we make people who lack vision, blind us out of our possibilities. Our bodies are designed to transport our ephemeral beauty, however we allow others to project the ugliness of inadequacy and fear.  Be reminded we are wired to be our best selves, to experience the joys of our soul’s call.

To live with a mindset of what’s possible and the power to do and experience the extraordinary. Live your life with the affirmation that you were born with and do not wait for anyone’s validation.  Let love be your life’s elixir, be it, live it, share it. Your smile is your signature, your laughter is your canvass to paint the world with joy, happiness and kindness.  You are love and light, share it and shine on.


©Hugh Anthony


Hugh Anthony is a storyteller, lifestyle coach and keynote speaker who is also a client-focused executive and creative savant with excellent communication skills. He brings progressive engagements in leading, managing, facilitating, curating strategies and initiatives that embolden outcomes and enhance operational efficiencies. Hugh Anthony is the Cofounder and Associate Consulting Director, Lifestyle and Strategy of ConsulateMilieu®, a boutique lifestyle firm in Toronto, Canada that specializes in creative, avid and exciting art-based and lifestyle projects for its diverse clientele. Hugh helps individuals uncover their passion, unfold their purpose and share the power of their story. This he does through a process of co-creation that melds recreational, creative and professional endeavours to optimize and enrich lifestyle outcomes.

For career, press inquiries, speaking and advisory opportunities contact Hugh Anthony at Follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @huanthoni


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