Life is the Moment!

Life is the Moment!

This is your life, this is your moment.
You have the gift of life, the power of this moment to transform your ideas into actions and your dreams into reality. You have this life to make a difference to self and to be of service to others.

This is your life, this is your moment to unfold your purpose, uncover your passion and share the power of your story. Take time to enjoy the beauty around you. Feel the gentle caress of the breeze, experience the manifestations of nature’s beauty. Through the hues of its colours from the land, sky, lakes, rivers and the seas.

Life is the moment, be it fleeting or memorable. Don’t be distracted from its beauty with the construct of the hustle and the bustle. Life is the moment with its lilting charms of gifts and blessings.

It is in the celebration of the moments that you become aware of self and understand whom you are destined to be. Take time to listen to the amazing beat of your heart, the rhythm of your breathing and the pulse of your life’s flow.

Life is the moment, celebrate the unique and precious time it affords. This is your moment to celebrate where you are, appreciate life and manifest who you are destined to be.

Life is the moment, its your moment to be your best self. Keep living, keep striving and keep shining. Life is the moment, you are a beacon of hope, love and letting go. Life is the moment, celebrate the now and how blessed you are to be…

©Hugh Anthony


Hugh Anthony is a storyteller, lifestyle coach and keynote speaker who is also a client-focused executive and creative savant with excellent communication skills. He brings progressive engagements in leading, managing, facilitating, curating strategies and initiatives that embolden outcomes and enhance operational efficiencies. Hugh Anthony is the Cofounder and Associate Consulting Director, Lifestyle and Strategy of ConsulateMilieu®, a boutique lifestyle firm in Toronto, Canada that specializes in creative, avid and exciting art-based and lifestyle projects for its diverse clientele. Hugh helps individuals uncover their passion, unfold their purpose and share the power of their story. This he does through a process of co-creation that melds recreational, creative and professional endeavours to optimize and enrich lifestyle outcomes.

For career, press inquiries, speaking and advisory opportunities contact Hugh Anthony at him on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @huanthoni

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