Unpacking Your Gift


One of the most poignant, yet powerful quotes that resonate with me and why I do what I do for self and others –


                    “Everyone is gifted – but some people never open their package”  

        Wolfgang Riebe

I have journeyed many paths to uncover who I am and understand self, my purpose and the gifts I continue to share with the world. I’ve had a myriad of experiences of learning and unlearning, of becoming and unbecoming; and mirroring so many personalities and possibilities. Life’s journey and the pathways I have trod are confluences of the best of what life offers and complexities in the beauty of our humanity. This journey called life is a mosaic that has the capacity to help us unfold our best self, shape us into intentional human beings, blessing our actions to uncover our gifts. Do whatever it takes to be of service to self and others whether it is reading books, listening to the beat of your heart, responding to soul’s call, spirituality, friendships, shouting out loud, investing in yourself, laughing, crying or sharing. Start by doing what matters, it is through perseverance and courage that you allow yourself to get to that place where only you and your Creator understand. Open your mind to experience the amazing wonder you are and unfold your gifts.


There is nothing like the perfect time, however, my lived experiences have taught me that nothing is perfect, interestingly though, the universe’s timing is always perfect. Whatever the mess is that you are experiencing right now, there is a message, whatever the test you are going through right now, there is a testimony. Whatever the struggles you are experiencing, you will find your strength. Whatever the pain you’re feeling, you will find your purpose and the power of your story. It is in those moments life has taught me that my gifts are unfolding. Stay focused, stay grateful and just believe things are working for the best. Believe it, claim it and experience the joys of your gifts, that is where you will find purpose and meaning in living.

Hugh Anthony

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