Dear Destiny: I’m Ready Now…

Dear Destiny… …I’m ready now for the blessings that have been manifested, the pathways that have  been cleared to walk in my power, the renewal of mind, body, spirit and soul to experience the shared beauty of the here and now. I am ready now to bring new energy to the promises of a better today and the amazing tomorrows that lie ahead.

…I’m ready now to make manifest my desires to live my best life, be the best and give my best to others. It is with intentionality, dedication, determination and a whole lot of pizzaz that my actions will make manifest my goals that you hold for me. I am ready now to accomplish my wildest and most powerful dreams with belief, faith, hope, love and positive vibrations.

…I’m ready now to walk in the manifestation of His will and live a purposeful and passion filled life by focusing on what matters. It is with courage, boldness and gratitude that I embrace the challenges, the learnings and the lessons that they bring.  I am ready now for transformational moments, curated experiences and meaningful encounters that manifest my innate wealth of health,  well-being and abundance.

…I’m ready now to stand in the truth of who I am, ready for stretching growth that manifests my best self and staying connected to God my energy source of eternal goodness.

… I’m ready now to express the beauty that emerges from living in gratitude, actions that are aligned with my unfolding purpose and uncovered passion. I’m ready now to share in your glory through the power of my story from the myriad of encounters, experiences and empowering moments I’m about to discover.

…I’m ready now to experience the sweetness of success, the significance of sowing joy, happiness, kindness and the beauty of selfless and unselfish living. I’m ready now to thrive, jive and vibe with my heart open for life’s best ride! …I’m ready to now make the most of the gift of life….to have meaningful adventures, fearless living, catalysmic encounters and humorous yet humbling impact along the journey.

… I’m ready now to make what’s possible, real and authentic with a heart of gratitude!

©Hugh Anthony

Comment if you BELIEVE you are ready now!

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