Staying Focused! T’is the Holiday Season

It is the time year when the excitement, the parties, chaos and the joy the holidays bring. Do you love to celebrate the holidays in a special way? Have you started thinking about how you can manage the demands on your time, your energy, stay focused and ethusiastic at the sametime during the holidays.

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Planning – Your time is essential to your staying focused and enthusiastic for the tasks, social events and wellbeing. Allocate your time to what matters to ensure balance e.g. gift wrapping and last minute shopping. For some. individuals, the holiday have its stressors too, where possible plan for a few days off. 

Managing Your Energy – With the holidays, come expectations, whether its deadlines or deliverables. Maintain your focus by doing your exercise and/or meditation; minimize distractions and interruptions, you can’t always avoid them and make an effort to be positive and consciously smile more, its the holidays!

Multitasking – It’s the killer of your productivity, by trying to be all things to all people, you’re not an octopuss, you are human. For work to be meaningful and the holidays joyful, focus on the tasks that matters, prioritize and communicate your expectations to those you collaborate with. Is your workspace where the. party is, minimize the ‘madness’ by taking it to the board or lunch room. Avoid taking work home, so you can have time for self and those who matter while catching up on what you need to do for you. 

© Hugh Anthony