​Joy in the Here and Now.

Today is your moment to experience joy.

The kind of joy that is reignited from your heart and soul.

Joy with its lilting charm allows you to shout and share  the beauty that comes from focused and spiritual living.

This moment of joy, transcends all other because there is victory over the defeat.

You are inspired because instead of seeing failure, you learnt a lesson.

Instead of basking in pain, you felt the presence of life.

Joy is here in the now, joy lives in the present. 

Joy surrounds you, learn to feel its sweet embrace.

Joy is present, today in this beautiful moment of life.

You have abundance of joy that emerges from being grateful. 

Joy is ever present, knowing the adoration of the Divine lives in you.

Joy is in your truth, it is in the belief of self.

Joy is embracing and knowing how blessed you are to be.

It is not in your circumstances, it is in your rejoicing.

You experience joy from life’s simple pleasures that ignites your passion.

Joy gives fuel to your purpose. 

Joy is your spiritual quality that emerges from the magnificence of life and living.

Joy holds you together, when you are at peace with self.

Your joy doesn’t come from someone or something, it comes from within.

Find you, find your joy. Let it be the inner compass, let it guide your peace.

Joy is you in the here and now.

Live it, experience it and feel it and you will discover who you are.

Let joy fortify your journey, be it a smile, laughter, a song or a 💃 dance.

Joy is yours in the here and now. 
©Hugh Anthony

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