Whose Frame Is It?

Hugh Anthony

Certified Lifestyle Speaker · Author · Lifestyle Coach

You are the embodiment of love, so why do you allow others to confuse it with lust.

You were born affirmed, yet you go around seeking validation.

You were born to be and do extraordinary things, yet you embrace ordinary.

You are powerful beyond measure, yet you play small.

You are destined to live in abundance, yet you keep talking about lack.

You know faith make things possible, but you use fear to make it impossible.
Let me ask you this question? Are you doing just fine living someone else’s lie of who you should be?….Stop!

Their construct of you is not the consciousness of your being.

Stop living in the shadows of others insecurity.

Stop allowing people to project their fears on you.

Shift your mindset and move in the frame of faith.

Take bold steps and walk away from frail insecurities and start curating possibilities.

When last did you take yourself out?

Why are you waiting on someone else to do for you, what you ought to be doing for self.

Shape up, shift yourself away from people’s frame of fear, insecurity and selfishness.

Start living in the frame of love and not in the shadows of insecurity.

Embrace faith and the energy of hope will be yours.

You were born to blaze new trails not walk in someone else’s pathway.

You are destined to be strong, not just to struggle.

You are an original work of art, stop being someone’s carbon copy.

Embrace your truth, not someone’s misconception of you.

Let truth, love and courage be your guide.

You have nothing to prove, but everything, everything to gain.

Go boldly, let your frame be filled with faith, your originality, your story and let that frame your destiny.

©Hugh Anthony


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