Canada: Pathways to Creating and Curating a Mosaic that Honours our Greatness

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I am honored to live in this amazing place, with its undulating landscape, beautiful sights, sounds, and sceneries. Through the mosaic of our diversity, I have learnt to see this land through its ancestral and contemporary beauty. By honoring its indigenous peoples who have protected and shared their home and native land,  that I now call home – Canada.

The voices and languages make this land a multicultural kaleidoscope of color, hues, views and a muse for the beauty of mother nature. We have a duty to honor the first inhabitants, protectors, settlers and newcomers not just through patriot love, but through agape love that honors the dignity and essence of their beings.

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We have an opportunity to celebrate,  share stories and our histories with generations of people from east to west, and north to south with arms wide open. We share in a sacred journey called life; through the triumphs, the challenges, the pain, the joys and the gains of each individual. Our diversity is our strength, our voices when understood and honored are our hope; that gives fuel to collective action to engender a more kinder, gentler and stronger Canada.

While we celebrate this significant milestone, it is a moment for reflection and introspection. To nurture a Canada that is not just a beacon of hope to the world, but also to its people who inhabit the land and call Canada home. My hope is that respect, equity, social justice, freedom, tolerance, and openness be seen through the eyes of all us, not just some of us. As we celebrate how far we have come, we honor the sacrifices of those who have helped to create this beautiful mosaic and country we now embrace as Canada.

Stephen Marche in his opinion piece in The New York Times espoused that Canada sesquicentennial emerged from a “document that bound a loose collection of provinces controlled by the British Empire into a vague and discontented unit with the slightest consideration of or participation by the First Peoples,” provides a context for us to create a pathway to acknowledge, that while we may not have gotten it right, we can work towards doing the right thing going forward. Furthermore, while Stephen Marche noted “it doesn’t seem ideal, or even accurate, as an origin……native people were here for thousands of years before that”, I believe in this beautiful experiment titled ‘Canada’. It has emboldened my commitment to values that honors generosity, prosperity and protection of our freedoms; and the knowledge that our differences will continue to inspire our diversity and foster compassion, love, and unity. The true North being strong and free, at its core will honor our dignity, foster our determination, fuel our dreams and give hope to us as a people. These celebrations, protests, and criticisms [constructive] ought to awaken our collective consciousness to create pathways that protect, preserves and honors the promises of our inalienable rights to be respected, celebrated, feel triumphant, glorious and free from fear, oppression, discrimination, isolation and foster true inclusion.

Our contributions over the next 150+ years are to create and curate a Canada, that embraces the virtues and values that uphold the ideals, glories and triumphs of a core vision that at the heart of it, truly honors the land, its people, our differences and our possibilities for greatness.

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Hugh Anthony is a keynote speaker and lifestyle coach for executives, creative and transitioning professionals. He is committed to helping individuals transform their passions into possibilities to enhance value creation by harnessing their lifestyle and experience to be more meaningful, profitable and purposeful.

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