A Tribute to My Father

Happy Father's Day

hugh anthony, certified lifestyle speaker · author · lifestyle coach

You are the first hero I have known, the epitome of strength, courage and love. You are the embodiment of caring and sharing, through your display of affection for mom, your children and others. You showed that you cared through the joys you brought with your selfless acts of kindness and the laughter you shared just living.

Your examples of patience, understanding and inspiration provided assurance when I felt that my voice wasn’t understood. Your arms was always wide open for us to run to, providing protection, reassurance, love; and the knowing that everything was going to be alright.

Your guidance, encouragement and diligence to duty to care for your family are the epitome of respect for life, nature and humankind. Your kindness knew no boundaries, your exemplary acts of selflessness allowed you to persevere against all odds.

You believed in my potential for greatness and to be the best at all times. You taught me that, not by telling me how to live, but by watching how you lived.

You were there when the going got tough, but you showed me how to keep going even though it was rough. That is resilience and for that, I am ever so grateful.

You may not be here, but your spirit continues to be a guiding light: a precious gift of love and abiding trust. Thanks for being my best friend, one who cared, listened and shared, and most importantly for just being you.

You might not be here, your death does leave a heartache, a pain that no one but me can feel, however it is one that only time can heal. Your unconditional love, kindness and the joy you shared are forever etched in my memories, where time nor space can steal. Forever loving you, Happy Father’s Day Dad!


In Memoriam – Delroy Allison Simmonds, December 21, 1946 – October 7, 1996

©Hugh Anthony


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