Today….I am excited about everything!!

hugh anthony, certified lifestyle speaker · author · lifestyle coach

“Today, I choose to embrace being alive, being me – wholesome- wanting of nothing, but have a life filled with everything.”
Hugh Anthony

You may be wondering, why I am posting this…Your question what is there to be excited about? Of interest, I am alive and so are you reading this right now….For that not only am I grateful.. I am excited, given that its another day, another opportunity to work on being the best version of self.

Your perspective matters in creating the life that you want – find your purpose, meaning, fulfilment and happiness.  I do encounter challenges everyday, today some will appear!! However, it is my outlook on what I encounter that will make the experience worthwhile and conquerable. My outlook about being   excited, it isn’t so much about ignoring the challenges,

It is an  attitude of openness and what lessons am I to learn, that matters. Is it a new skill, trusting the process, acceptance, checking my emotions, my mindset (+/-), or focus my efforts on actions that have personal meaning?

Being excited about everything is a choice. I encourage you to pursue your day, passion, purpose, work and your life with excitement and enthusiasm. They make life more meaningful by bringing forth possibilities, actively and purposefully. Make today a day you get excited about living, loving, laughing, exploring, discovering and creating excitement in everything you do.

Hugh Anthony