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Today I choose to see the good in all things – my thoughts, my encounters, my learning and the shared experiences.


Today I choose gratefulness in this moment, I’m alive, happier, healthier, wiser, stronger and richer because I choose to celebrate this moment with gratitude.

Today I choose peace over confusion, today I choose love over hate because love can heal our wounds and make our heart stronger and healthier.

Today I choose to be thankful for all the joys life has shared

Today I choose happierness, because life has given me untold joy and happiness.

Today I choose to stand in the truth of my being; to be a giver, a lover and being me.

Today I choose faith over fear, to be held steadfast in my quest to continue giving my best and be the best

Today I choose to be thankful for your friendship that you’ve shared from near and far. It holds treasures that are lilting charms that lights my path with sheer joy, wisdom and richness.

Today I choose you to share not only how I’m feeling, but how I’m meant to be happier and richer in my thoughts, my actions, my words and my deeds.

Today I choose to be ever present in the moments that takes my breathe away.


Today I choose life, because it’s finite.

Today I choose to live with purpose and possibility.

Today I choose to walk this journey, with the dawn of each new day.

Today I choose – the present – it is a gift and I choose to share it with you, because you also are life’s gift.

Today I choose to be happier, stronger and superbly better, because I’m a treasure and you are treasured.

Today I choose to honour the beauty of our friendship, the humility of your being and the power of your love.

Today I choose to celebrate – my past, my present, my future – not for me but for you in the here, the now and beyond. You’ve given me countless and timeless blessings.

Today I choose to be forever grateful, because it is in the moments of gratitude that my life has clarity, wisdom, abundance and possibilities.

Today I choose inspiration, to be a giver, not a taker.

Today I choose kindness, because that’s what life has always offered.

Today I choose to embrace being alive, being me – wholesome – wanting of nothing, but having a life filled with everything.


Today I choose to make everyday an opportunity to see the beauty that’s within and around me.

Today I choose you, for your selflessness and unselfishness to make life incredibly beautiful, meaningful and enriching not just for self, but for others.

Today I choose the alluring beauty of living, loving and laughing.

Today I choose life with its magnificence that encapsulates my being and who I am meant to be……

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