Speed Mentoring – Creative Tool to Engage, Elicit and Empower

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“If you had ten minutes of focused interaction with a top industry professional, what would you ask?”

Speed mentoring brings together industry experts and career aspirants or professionals that enable exchange of industry relevant information. This emerges, whilst networking with a métissage of professionals with varied industry interests and experience.   Based on a speed dating model, this event offers a tremendous opportunity for networking and shared learning in an interesting and fast-paced manner.

Speed mentclockoring is an innovative, interactive, insightful, fun and creative approach to mentoring. It is a platform for connecting professionals who want to share, learn and have an opportunity to help other professionals (mentees).  It opens your eyes to the world of work (industry-specific or occupation-specific) within a given glocality through education, awareness and empowerment.  Interactively, mentors and mentees meet in a time efficient manner for focused conversations; and are timely rotated to bolster the experience.

‘Speed mentoring fosters focused, one-on-one interactions with multiple mentors that benefit both mentee and mentor.’

University of Miami

It is a light hearted interactive approach which affords professionals the opportunity to glean knowledge from a cross-sector persSM  2pective. Tips, information and insights on career choices and making decision about the future, which is now, are some of the key benefits.

Speed mentoring is a creative recruitment strategy for businesses and professionals seeking opportunities, no matter which industry or sector you work in.  Maybe you’re thinking about changing careers, or trying out a new field.  Speed mentoring affords the opportunity and time to ask the questions you, wouldn’t ask of your coworkers.  Speed mentoring events will connect you with top industry professionals, so you get the edge you need as an aspiring professional or future leader in any industry.

Benefits of Speed Mentoring

  • Preparation and Professionalismare essential to the experience. To optimize the experience mentees must be prepared with their ‘elevator pitch’ and mentors challenge is to elicit the right questions.  Your character, approach, enthusiasm, charisSM - 1ma and confidence are relevant in the exchanges.
  • Sharing and Learning – knowledge and information exchange on how to gain valuable tips to advance your career in a fun manner.
  • Focused Interaction and Engagement – one-on-one interactions with the best talent and years of relevant experience in an energetic and enjoyable setting.  Through the associated activities it is an excellent opportunity to establish and maintain a relationship.
  • Active Listening and Feedbacka tool to find out what employers are looking for; and glean professional synergies and techniques needed for success.
  • Culture – affords the participants insights on workplace culture and expectations.
  • Connectedness – Building a valuable network through social and traditional media. Participants can continue to communicate with important industry connection for guidance, insight and inspiration.

Speed mentoring builds on the skills, confidence and capabilities of the participants to create open, but focused dialogue.  It is a demonstrable experience of opportunity and willingness to learn, share and give invaluable insights and bring meaningfulness to talented professionals.

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