Social Media: Strategies and Techniques for Boosting Success

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In this brave new world of digital and social media the thoughts of how we can leverage the platforms to create success for business emerges. Interestingly, this question popped up at a creative economy summit where I facilitated a workshop on social media. How can social media help my business to grow? This question is key for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, innovators, technopreneur and social entrepreneurs, who can appreciate the nuances of social media.

“Social media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism, one-to-many, to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers.”

Brian Solis, Author & Social Media Analyst
What’s the Future of Business – Changing the Way Business Create Experiences


Social network platformsSome of the strategies that can help your business can be simply understood from the perspective of  a SMEs (small to medium size enterprises) to conglomerates. In this digital media age, you need to have a social media platform (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr), to communicate with the rapid growing and fast-paced community of technophiles. Here are some social media strategies and techniques that can help you and your business:


o Plan Ahead – Do your research, so you can have an appreciation of your audience; and an understanding of how they would like to be communicated with. Establish what goals you want to achieve with your social media strategies. Identify the most appropriate platform to connect with your audience.


o Audience Engagement – Having defined your target audience, you will communicate with them your brand. The value-added and value-creation elements associated with it. Social media requires focused messaging and engagement in a specialized manner, given the platform.

o Content Capture – The mantra, ‘content is king’ is a truism. There’s a lot of content available, however it ought to be relevant to your business; subscribed or researched. Clearly communicate your business intention to build and leverage your brand.

o Strategies and Tools – Align your social media strategy around defined strategic imperatives, rather than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

Social Media for Biz

o Communicate and Connect – Social media is a method of delivering a message(s) and garnering feedback (even if you don’t choose the latter). You need to observe the etiquette and guidelines of the platforms utilized. Decide whether to publish posts, tweets or videos, and what content to include in them to communicate your brand’s message. Respect anonymity, be engaging and active; and ensure you have a plan to respond critics. Be guided ‘that no one has a monopoly on virtue…..not even you’.

o Brand Engagement – Utilizing this tool in your social media strategy can lead to a strong brand that communicates ‘the brand promise’. It can create opportunities for customer experience successes in a competitive environment.

o Measure Results – Set realistic goals or milestones to determine if your efforts are working. This can be done by utilizing available tools to track effort, features and successes.


Experiencing success for your business with social media is having candid conversations with community and building relationships. Messaging through social media will help communicate your brand essence, by getting it right. This will resonate with your customers long after it is delivered. The key attributes for your business remaining relevant to your customers in digisphere (digital space)  is to engage passionately, create authenticity, openness and honesty.



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